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This thing is very much still under construction. I’ll be using it to keep track of NPCs, etc. and of my evil plans story ideas. Players are free to add join Obsidian Portal and help out, but are under no obligation to do so. Please let me know if you’re going to though, so I’ll know whether your character’s page will be my responsibility or not.

House Rules and Such


Bennies will be awarded for writing session logs from the perspective of your character, and for moments of awesomeness and creativity in roleplaying and problem solving. Four bennies will be worth one Force Point. Each log will be worth two, and amounts awarded for sheer awesome will vary.

Character Sheets

Please keep your character sheet up to date. I’ve set us up on Mythweavers, and would appreciate it if sheets could be maintained there. Just let me know what your MW username is so I can invite you.

Level 9 is a Prerequisite for the “Skill Focus (Use the Force)” Feat

I’ve established this rule after asking around on the EN World forums about flaws in Saga Edition (thread here). If anyone has a problem with this, just let me know and we can discuss it.

The Knights of the Old Republic Games

Revan was a dude, the Exile was a chick named Meerta Surik. They were both light side. The end.

I kid, I kid. But do remember that your characters wouldn’t know the details, especially in the case of Surrik. I’ll be adding more here later.

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