The Old Republic: Alternate Continuity

Introductory Observations Following Unauthorized Removal of Property Following an Act of Piracy

Damaged Items

653-A – ceramic figurine (mammal)
653-B – ceramic figurine (mammal)
712-A – ceramic figurine (mammal)
712-B – ceramic figurine (mammal)
712-R – ceramic figurine (mammal)
802-C – ceramic figurine (mammal, with funny hat)
203-Q – lamp (lava), violet
203-R – lamp (lava), orange

Missing Items

001-A – holocron, unfinished
109-E – explosives, experimental
904-J – shoes, fashionable

Stolen Items

(full INVENTORY, see manifest for complete list, see addenda for report on criminal activity)

Additional deviations from existing manifest to be filled out when a full INVENTORY has been taken.


The filing and INVENTORY management protocols have been hopelessly damaged due to an unscheduled deactivation of my person following the last recorded INVENTORY check. The length of deactivation is currently unknown. Judging by various factors observed after reactivation, it is likely to be between 150-300 days.

Also I have been stolen. This is most inconvenient.

Interviews with surviving members of the Picaresque’s passenger cargo suggest pirate activity. The thieves reportedly pumped a narcotic gas into the passenger compartment, and transported some or all of the organic passengers onto a semi-derelict spacecraft for scientific purposes. It can only be assumed that the pirates required untraceable test subjects as there are many methods for acquiring large numbers of sapients that require less risk, such as bartering with clone manufacturers or slavers.

Unfortunately, both groups are known for keeping scrupulous notes on purchasers, and thus piracy of this nature may be necessary for individuals attempting to remain low profile. [PERSONAL NOTE: Inform MASTER DORSTAR about possible lucrative business opportunity in no-questions-asked scientific subject supply.]

The pirates are not above opportunistic theft in addition to the acquisition of test subjects and the entire INVENTORY, including myself, have been stolen.

After reactivation I met with the three (3) sapiants previously mentioned. The smallest [Designation: CAYLA], assisted me in transporting the INVENTORY from the cargo compartment onto the ESCAPE SHUTTLE. The spaceship appears to have been created by sapiants from beyond the OUTER RIM. Their language is very unusual, and I was initially unable to reconcile the grammatical differences between their language and the outer-rim trading tongue’s. I remedied this by downloading the translation matrix from the brain of a deceased SECURITY DROID. The process was revolting, but necessary.

We found a number of dead creatures on the ship. The cause of their deaths remain mysterious. I have taken some EVIDENCE in the form of a PRINTED IMAGE that I hope will be useful in later CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.

I have struck up quite a rapport with the child CAYLA. She is clever for her age and the deficiencies of her physiology. She is enthralled by the stories of Max Blaster: Instructive Tales for Children.

In particular she seemed to enjoy Max Blaster and the Thirteen Simple Ways to Quietly Dispatch a Sleeping Foe. It is one of my favorites as well. She also shares my opinion that the subsequent story Max Blaster learns how to make Poisons from Common Household Objects is not it’s equal. The quality of the narrative is compromised in the latter by the insistence on phrasing all of the recipes in limerick form. This affectation was dropped in later stories, thank heavens.

During the process of moving the INVENTORY to the ESCAPE SHUTTLE, the sapients engaged a small force of SECURITY DROIDS and destroyed them. The sapiants are quite violent, especially the human [Designation: LARA), she displays tendencies most often observed in soldiers. It will be difficult to win her trust as most such creatures value STRENGTH, an attribute I do not have in abundance.

She was assisted in KILLING DROIDS by a twilek [Designation: AURORA]. I am most concerned about that one, as she appears to regard droids with some kind of PERSONAL VENDETTA. She attempted to force me to leave the INVENTORY behind. This was most vexing, as we were under some time pressure, as it appeared that the PIRATES were about to return.

Thankfully Lara and Cayla assisted in helping her to see reason. The concerns about adequate space is entirely unwarranted, as it is still possible to stand upright in 12% of the shuttles interior, and they are able to sleep, in shifts, on the single remaining bunk, provided that they tightly curl their limbs. I will have to make a point of being extra nice to AURORA in order to gain her trust and friendship.

We have left the derelict spacecraft. We are heading directly toward a distress call about PIRATES. I am unconvinced that this is the wisest choice, but Lara has assured me that it is SOUND TACTICS, and as she is a WARRIOR and has shown that she is happy to repeatedly MURDER DROIDS I will not disagree.

Further updates to this log must be suspended for the moment as CAYLA is attempting to consume a LAVA LAMP.


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